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iconlogo1Charging the electric car at home overnight is the main method of charging for electric vehicle owners. This is achieved in two ways:

Using a power charger 1, the control unit provided with the purchase of the car and which is only compatible with a household washing machine socket. However, it is recommended to use it as a backup and not main charging source for the following reasons:

The charging speed is slow, with the result that the full charge is not achieved during the night, but only 60% of the total charge.

In addition, the electrical installation overheats, so the use of household sockets is not safe.

The appropriate home charging is through the wall box (wall charger) which safely achieves the full charging of the vehicle during the night. The installation of the wall box and the correct electrical installation can carry out even shorter charging, lasting 3-4 hours, always in relation to the vehicle manufacturer and the model.